una historia de resiliencia

A story of resilience

Cómo inspirar a los que hacen

How to inspire the makers

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Are you an Entrepreneur? Are you discouraged by the pandemic or fearful of what the future may hold? Do you feel hopeless as to the future of your projects? Are you considering giving up? Listen to this story of resilience and perseverance and you will feel reinvigorated with newfound passion!

Esteban Bullrich is an Argentinian life leader and entrepreneur. He is 52 years and a Senator of the National Government of Argentina. Esteban was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) recently. ALS is a degenerative disease that limits the capacity to speak and move, as well as considerably reducing life expectancy.

Esteban wants to reach out with a message of Resilience.

Esteban has had an impressive trajectory, he’s been Minister of Education helping to modernise the educational system for technological challenges of tomorrow and has a history of fighting for bills in the Senate with the desire to build and create a new modern and fair Argentina.

He’s undergone many hardships, such as when together with the support of his wife, Maria Eugenia Sequeiros, they helped their 7 year-old daughter battle cancer.

Despite whatever’s been in his path Esteban has overcome it all with hard work and a smile. Today Esteban wants to transmit a message to you, entrepreneurs of the world, to not give up, to keep pushing on! Life has its highs and its lows but the most important is to not give in. Who better than someone who has persevered in the face of such difficulties to push this message? It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what industry you’re in, or your level of success. In an hour and a half you will hear the most motivating message of your life. Sign-up, he might even address your own concerns, since Esteban will be taking a few questions from the audience as well.

The way out of poverty is through education and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Join Esteban in the revolution of entrepreneurs in Latin America. Be a protagonist!

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